The Mike Frank Show

The Mike Frank Show is a bi-weekly radio show covering College Football. We'll talk to many writers covering various college football teams, the top football recruits from around the country, and recruiting experts following college football recruiting. We'll also speak with high school coaches about their top prospects.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Welcome to the Mike Frank Show!

Just wanted to say welcome to everyone following the show. Our first broadcast is scheduled for tonight, 5-9-2006. Tonight we'll be interviewing Inside Texas lead writer Bill Frisbie, Big 12 South recruiting expert Jeremy Patterson, and the top running back in the state of Texas, Lennon Creer.

The show is scheduled for 8 pm Eastern/7 PM central time.

To listen to the show, click one of these two links. If you have problems with one, you can always switch to the other link during the show.

Link One

Link Two

Also, if you have comments or questions about the show, or you have comments you'd liked to discuss over the air, please e-mail us at:




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link to podcast?

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